Introducing Bertie

The first animals we started with were Angoran goats, and we still have two of them.  I’e already mentioned Boris, but our other Angoran is called Bertie.  He is a castrated male, and one of the most friendly animals we have, always following us around the field, even if we don’t have food (though I think he has hopes!).

Unfortunately Bertie had really bad footrot over the winter, and this meant he didn’t move very much, and when he did it wasn’t very far and he tended to rest on his front knees.  This caused his legs to seize up so he couldn’t properly straighten them.  The slight upside was that this meant we finally got rid of the footrot.  We tried massaging his legs and stretching them and this seemed to help a bit, but he was still limping badly.  So we called out the vet who advised us that we should cut the tendons at the back of the knees.  We asked him to go ahead, and it made very little difference.  I think he was expecting the legs to sort of spring back into shape, but sadly they didn’t.  Next step was to straighten the legs out and put them in casts, which we also did.  This seemed to help a lot, and while Bertie was walking stiffly, at least he was walking.  When we took the casts off he was almost back to normal.

He seems to be footrot free at the moment, but as a legacy of his travails he’s standing oddly on one of his front hooves and so it’s starting to grow awkwardly and twist.  We’ve tried to cut it flat, but it wasn’t totally successful, I think we’ll just have to keep at it.  Still he’s mostly back to his old ways, always trotting over to see us, and trying to work out what we’re doing.  One of his particular joys is when we bring out the straw for his bedding, not because he wants to luxuriate in it, but because he wants to eat it, and here he is:

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