Dancing with Wrath

This morning’s feed of the animals went very well.  I managed to get a substantial number of the as yet unsorted sheep to come into the channel between the pigs, so in a couple of days I should be able to catch them all and complete the sorting (the girl lambs to go in with the cows, and the boys to stay with the OAPs, but be marked so we know who is what).

After that I went out to see if I could get close to Wrath as I really wanted to spray her wound again with anti-biotic.  As preparation I put down some feed for the sheep and Avarice, to keep them distracted, and then I carefully approached Wrath.  She wasn’t interested in walking towards me this morning, so I traipsed down the whole length of the field, feed bucket in hand.  When I got within ten foot she was still rather nervous and at first wouldn’t come near me, so I held out a handful of feed and she nearly took my hand off getting to it.

I put the bucket down and gave her another handful, and then dropped my hand she started eating straight out of the bucket.  This allowed me to crouch down and move round to get in position to spray.  Wrath took a couple of sidesteps around the bucket, keeping her head within range of the food, and I managed to move forward and spray the wound.  Wrath skipped around a couple more paces, with her head still in the bucket, and I once again darted forward to spray the wound.  We went dancing round like this until we’d rotated around the bucket three or four times, and I’d managed to get a decent amount of spray onto Wrath’s wound.  By this point the food was virtually gone and Wrath decided she’d had enough fun dancing and started to move off.  I gave her one last handful of food and then backed off.

The wound looked much better, it’s starting to scab over properly, so hopefully it’s going to heal properly.

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