Algy the Alpaca Lies Down

It’s a true pleasure staring out over the fields, gazing at our animals as they go about their business.  Every now and again however I get a bit of a shock as I look out over the animals  One of these was the first time I saw Algy lying down.  Mostly the Alpacas sit down like the sheep, and seem to sleep in that position.  So when I saw Algy lying like this:

I panicked.  Given the totally supine position I assumed there must be a problem, and so I ran towards him to see if I could help.  As absolutely nothing was wrong and he was just having a bit of a kip this rather freaked him out.  He leapt to his feet and ran off, making sure to keep me in sight at all times.  It took him a little while to trust me again after this.

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