Fencing with Sheep

My new fencing worked for less than a day.  The next morning I went out to feed everything, and to my consternation realised there were a handful of sheep in the south facing slope area.  I wondered if perhaps I’d missed another hole.  But once I got down to investigate it was fairly obvious:

It looks like they partially pushed down the fence and then leapt over.  To confirm that just after I took that photo one of the white lambs jumped back over, and trotted up to me in the hope of food.  Here he is, covered in burrs:

We had a lot on so didn’t get round to fixing the fence until yesterday.  Alex tried to persuade the sheep back over with a food bucket, but they didn’t seem to want to challenge the fence.  This made me wonder if they’d been startled into leaping over the fence in the first place, but I guess we’ll never know.  After trying for five minutes or so we realised we’d need to take down the new fence to let them out.  Even then they were a little recalcitrant, but eventually came back over.

We then fixed up the original new fence, and added two extra wires above it.  To make sure it couldn’t be pushed down again we tightened it all with a gripple.  These are great little wire connectors which, with the appropriate tool, allow you to connect and tighten fencing.  Here’s the finished product (please note the extra baler twine holding the mesh fence to the new wires for added security):

Here’s a close up of the gripple on the mesh:

So far this has held…

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