No posts for a while as much non-animal related stuff going on.  So a quick update on where we are…

Muga – not limping at all, and definitely showing interest in his ewes.  He is still showing us some of the same interest when we’re feeding him, so we’re being extra cautious with him.

Footrot/Scald – will write more on this, but in general we have scald and not footrot.  At the moment Ishy seems to have a bad case, and I’ve had to spray her a couple of times.  Most of the rest seem to be ok at the moment…

Wrath – her wound has now scabbed nicely and we’r eno longer spraying her every day.  She and Avarice are definitely back to being greedy for food.

Electric fence in cow field – the sheep kept going through it so today we’ve redone it as three wires instead of two, and strimmed the grass underneath it.  Hopefully it will hold them.

Piggies – Sir Humph doesn’yt

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