Maintenance by Alex

Alex decided today was a maintenance day, so she set about sorting a few things out.  Mostly she didn’t need my help, but I was called in to hold Bertie while she washed him, and also to help with the hoof trimming.  Her morning consisted of:

  • Feeding the animals
  • Clearing out the poo and straw in the animal restaurant area
  • Clearing out the chicken poo from their ark, and replacing with new sawdust – probably should have done this a week or two ago
  • Washing Bertie’s bottom – it’s been very mucky the last few days so we:
  • Gave Bertie and Boris some wormer
  • Trimmed and sprayed hooves for: Bertie, Boris and Moby
  • We also injected Boris with anti-biotic to fight the scald she has on all four feet.
  • Cleaning out the main water trough in the goat area – it had become filled with leaves and suchlike, and really needed a proper empty and scrub, which was duly delivered


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