Bertie and Boris

Bertie was better this morning, he got up a little easier – though still needed help.  He went for the water, and then ate heartily.  I’m starting to think he might get better.

A little while after I fed the animals I looked out and saw that Bertie was still standing, which I thought was pretty good.

Much later I looked out and saw that Bertie was still standing.  Excellent I thought!  He’s stood for much of the day.  Then I looked again and realised that it was actually Boris.  So eager was she to get in to see her brother that she managed to untie the baler twine and knock over the hurdle I’d held him in with on one side.  Or maybe she’d just battered it.  Unfortunately it looked like she’d knocked poor Bertie over again as well.

I went out and moved Bertie out of the area, and also Moby, who was enjoying some of Bertie’s hay, and put the hurdle back up.  As soon as I did Bertie rolled back over and looked much more alert.  I think he might have been playing passive to avoid more damage from Boris.  I tied two loads of baler twine around the hurdle, and hopefully it will keep her out.  She’s a crafty one though…

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