Glorious sunshine

This morning was lovely.  Though definitely cold, the sunshine made it worth it.  Here is Muga having just had a little conversation with the ewes on the other side of the fence:

Bertie seems to be getting a little more perky.  He still needs help to get up, but not as much.  I’m hoping he’ll be getting up on his own next week.

Also our Suffolk with a double H on her, continues to have real footrot issues.  We bathed her hooves in a footrot control bath a couple of days ago, and injected her with antibiotic today.  She’s been feeling very sorry for herself and staying out near the old cow hut in the field and not moving around much.  This morning she actually came in to the area next to the animal restaurant for the first time in a couple of weeks, so hopefully that means the bath had an impact.  We’ll bathe her hooves again on Monday.

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