Chickens and ducks

The chickens and ducks tend to flock around me whenever I enter their area in the expectation of receiving food.  This makes sense really because most of the time when I enter their area it is to feed them.

The challenge with the way they flock around is that they easily get under my feet.  While I’ve not stepped on the back of any of them I have stood on one of their feet on a number of occasions.  There tends to be an indignant squawk and then the offended hen – it is usually one of the hens – scampers away a few feet only to return quickly with the hope of food.

For the last couple of days a new part of the routine has been added.  It’s been particularly muddy and my wellies are usually coated past the ankles with mud within seconds of me leaving the house.  As I go round feeding the animals the ruminant feed often falls out of my hands and bits of it land on my wellies.  When they’re not wet the food then just slips off, but it’s now sticking there.  Then when I walk into the chicken and duck area the chickens dive on the ruminant mix on my wellies, and start pecking away at it, which means they’re really pecking away at my feet.  The first time it happened it was a little strange, but I’m starting to get used to it.  It just means I have to pause for a few extra seconds upon entering their area, and then walk a little more slowly to the feed bucket.

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