Bertie Update

Bertie still isn’t well, and still isn’t able to get up on his own.  He’s eating well when he gets up, and definitely taking advantage of the bucket of water.

The problem seems to be his back legs, he just can’t get them into position.  At first I had to hold him from behind and push him up and he’d eventually get everything in position.  His back right leg in particular keeps knuckling over until he gets weight onto it, but once he does he’s fine.  I’d changed tack a bit by holding his horns to give him something to push against, and that has been helping.

This morning he nearly managed to get all the way up and all it took was a gentle and swift hold on his horns and he was up, and moving towards the food.  I have hopes he’ll be able to get up on his own in the next few days.  Maybe the rest and extra food will have done the job.

In the mean time I have to keep an eye on his straw.  It’s slowly building up into quite a bed.  As he tends to stay in one position for an extended period all his poo and pee are in the one place, the poo usually in a nice little pile.  When I get him up in the morning and evening (and the occasional other point), I make sure he gets fresh, or at least fresher straw, back where he’s taken to lying.  We’re nearly out of straw so have ordered more, and if this goes on much longer we’ll probably have to do a full refresh.

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