Goats Hooves

I went out to fix the electric fence today, just the three points where it was touching the wooden posts, as mentioned in my post a few days ago.  While I was out I saw Howard, Boris and Moby down in the lower field enjoying the slightly longer grass which is still there.  I knew Bertie still wasn’t up for a trip of such distance, it must be four hundred yards or so, but it was a little strange not to see Ishy.  When I was back up at the animal restaurant I saw Ishy sitting in some straw looking a little sorry for herself.

Meanwhile Bertie was up and about, which is great.  He’s been getting himself up without help for the last few days.  I have hopes he’ll be out in the field soon.

Looking at Ishy I was worried she might have scald problems, so I grabbed my trusty foot clippers, some blue spray, and a latex glove for my left hand and went to catch her.  She’s a feisty little customer is Ishy and as soon as she saw I was trying to grab her she scarpered.  It took me a few minutes to slowly back her into a corner, and then I managed to get hold of her.

I flipped her on her back on a pile of straw to soften the blow, though she particularly dislikes being on her back and still struggled a lot.  I started to check her hooves.  The first thing I realised is that we hadn’t looked at them for some time as they were all rather overgrown, and caked with mud.  We’ve been having to deal with the goats hooves quite a bit recently with all the scald problems, but clearly we’d never had to sort out Ishy.  All four were in real need of trimming, and despite her struggling I set to.  There didn’t seem to be any signs of scald which was a distinct positive.  Twenty minutes later and I let her up, and then gave her some food to make her feel a bit better.

Goat hooves grow much faster than sheep hooves, and need regular trimming as they aren’t worn down by our nice soft pasture.  I’d say probably every two months is about the right sort of frequency, and I’ll need to set up a reminder for myself so I don’t let them grow so much again.

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