Taking photos

On Sunday I decided to take some photos of the animals. The weather was lovely, and with nice sunlight it seemed a perfect time to take some photos.  The animals were relatively obliging and I got a number of nice shots.

Verdigris (who unusually does not have his ears flattened), with ducks in the background:

Whiteface looking rather stately.  She wasn’t that interested in letting me get too close.  If I don’t have food then she doesn’t trust me…

The pigs started chasing me as I was taking pictures of them.  Here’s Bernard getting a little close:

I nearly fell over a couple of times, and decided when Humphrey charged at me that it was time to get out of there.  I did manage to get a nice shot of him, from the other side of the fence:

I walked out to see the Borerays, and they were quite a bit more friendly, particularly Duchess:

All in all a pleasant little wander (and bit of a scramble) among the animals.

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