Mob of chickens

The ex-bats have all settled in well now, and run around the orchard quite happily.  Now when I go to feed the ducks and chickens instead of having just four hens around me, and the seven ducks and the cockerel hanging back five or six feet, I now have twenty-four hens mobbing me!  It’s meant that I have to step rather carefully as they get under my boots, and squawk rather loudly if I catch their feet.  Also on occasion one of the hens will ride part of the way by standing on one of my wellies as I walk forward!

It’s great to see them all so happy though, and they’re definitely starting to re-feather.  We’re barely getting an egg a day from them at the moment, but I have hopes they’ll soon be giving us a little more.  When they do I’ll test them against the eggs from the old hens to see if they’re truly free range now!

The chickens mob me:

While the ducks look on:

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