Limping Sir Humphrey

A couple of days ago I noticed that Sir Humphrey was limping, and he wasn’t coming to food quite as quickly.  He was still pushing Bernard around, but not as much as usual, and I was a little worried.  I climbed in and checked the leg.  It seemed fine, no obvious injuries, but it was clearly quite tender and after only a short while Humph made it clear he wasn’t going to tolerate any more.  Having escaped with all my limbs intact I resolved to watch him carefully, and get the vet out if it looked like it was going to immobilise him.

One minor upside to his limping was that it made it less likely he was going to get over the fence and bother Hacker and Gaffer.  In fact I suspect the injury might have been a result of trying to get over to them.  This meant I didn’t need to rush to fix the water and move them back into the area we originally wanted them in.

Today Humphrey was looking a lot better, and was quite sprightly when it came to feeding time.  Not quite up to his usual level but almost.  No real trace of a limp either.  All good stuff.

Except now I have to fix that water soon…

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