Footrot/Scald in the Cold

One of the positives of the cold is that the ground becomes nice and hard, which means the bacteria which cause footrot and scald have a much tougher time of it, and it’s less likely to spread between the animals as their hooves aren’t sinking into the mud.  On the downside it does not appear to have had any impact on the animals who already have footrot, such as Boris.  She’d started limping again, and was going so far as to not getting up properly on her front feet.  This morning I flipped her over to get to her hooves.

The front two were fairly bad, with typical scald.  It was wet and warm between the two halves of the hoof, which is exactly what the bacteria like.  I trimmed and sprayed the hooves and hopefully they’ll heal properly.  Also, hopefully she won’t get a repeat infection as it’s only six weeks since I last treated her.  While I can handle Boris easily on my own dealing with Ishy, an animal half the size, required the two of us, with Alex holding her and me doing the trimming.  She had some minor infection, which I treated and then we sent her off.

White Face was also limping quite badly this morning.  We managed to catch her, and with Alex once again doing the holding I had a look at her hooves.  I have to admit they looked fine to me, and I wonder if she’d strained her legs in some other way.  We’ve dug up an area next to the animal restaurant and laid the hardcore ready to turn it into a nice big concrete area, which means that the area is quite rocky, so maybe she hurt herself on that?

We also wanted to take a look at Moby, but as soon as she saw what was happening she scarpered, so we’ll grab her at feed time either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Doing the foot treatment in the cold was particularly harsh this morning as it was still sub zero.  I couldn’t use proper gloves, as then I wouldn’t have been able to feel the hooves properly, so instead I wore some blue latex gloves.  While this protected my hands from the worst of the spray and muck, it did nothing for the cold.  Bring on the spring say I!

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