Water sorted – for the moment

With the weather having warmed up somewhat I’ve been able to switch the water back on again.  And then off again quickly as leaks sprung out all over the place.  A few minutes of gentle persuasion however, and the leaks were sorted.  At least those near the main valve.

I walked round to check all the water troughs were filling, and was happy to see that they were.  I knew two of them had slight leaks, which have got a little worse with all the freezing.  I’ll need to sort them out in due course, but for the moment I’m just happy not to have to wheel barrow out 80 liters of water again, and that all my animals will have what they need.

However the change of weather means that we’re back to mud central out there.  I’m starting to see why farmers have such a reputation for complaining, especially about the weather.

Lamb watch:  No lambs yet.  Still a bit early though.

Ex-Bat Egg Watch:  None.

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