Lamb Watch – 20th Feb – 5 lambs!

Today has been an awesome day for lambs.  Firstly during the morning feed I noticed that the Black faced Suffolk in with the Borerays (who is probably called ‘Lamby’, but that’s a story for a different day) seemed to have at least one lamb.  Sure enough when I got close to her she had a lamb, and then I saw that there was a second lamb about twenty feet away.  When the ewe realised she’d left the other one behind she bleated and went back to round her up, confirming that she’d given birth to twins.  This is great news, not only because every lamb is a gift, but it also shows that our Boreray ram, Haan, has what it takes to produce offspring.

And a close up of one of her lambs (you can see its umbilical cord, this will shrivel up and drop off over the next few days):

I thought that we’d had all the day’s excitement, and then when I looked out at lunchtime I saw White Face out on her own at the far end of the field.  It looked like she had lambed, and produced twins.  Algenon was sitting at guard near her, showing the alpacas aren’t entirely useless.  I went out to check on her, and give her a little food, and it turned out she’d given birth to triplets, for the fourth year in a row!  She is a truly amazing ewe, and has always been a good mother to her lambs.  I gave her some extra feed, and managed to get a good shot of the four of them:

Lamb watch:  6 lambs (1 ewe lamb, 5 less than 24hrs old)

Ex-bat egg watch:  still none.  It’s been weeks!

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