Dead little piggies

I found two more of our piglets dead this morning.  One was from Hacker’s litter, nothing seemed wrong with it but that sometimes happens in the first day or so, more often with pigs than with lambs.  Also one of Bernard’s litter, which seems to have got lost and managed to get into the enclosure with Hacker and Gaffer.  Not sure what happened there.

All the rest of the piglets seemed fine, and I suspect it won’t be long until we see Bernard’s lot running around outside.

Lamb watch:  Still just the 5.  This is the fun we have by not controlling the ram’s access, we get a much, much longer lambing season.  I’d expect the remaining Suffolks and Mules to pop in the next couple of weeks, and then the Soays will start, they’re usually a bit later.  Perhaps because they’re a bit more flighty and harder for Muga to catch?  I have no idea how the Borerays will fit into the cycle, but suspect they’ll be closer to the Soays.

Ex-bat egg watch: None.


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