RIP New Lamb

And the spectrum swings back towards death.  One of the Boreray/Suffolk cross triplets was dead this morning when I went out to feed them.  He (all three were boys) had looked a little weak last night during feeding, but was up on his feet and following his mum around, so there seemed no need to intervene.  This morning he was curled up lifelessly next to his brother.

That means we have twelve lambs so far, six ewe lambs and six ram lambs, for a certain symmetry.

It also means that we’ve lost forty percent of our Boreray/Suffolk cross lambs.  I’m wondering if part of the reason the Boreary is so rare is that the lambs die.  I’m going to have to see if there is any information out there about that, though I certainly haven’t seen anything.  Hopefully these two were just unfortunate coincidence, and the rest of Haan’s progeny will be stronger.

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