Whethers, Rams and the Inbetweeners

When I was moving the boys into the pre-holiday field, and crutching them and suchlike, I confirmed something I had suspected for a while.  One of them was not properly castrated.  When I’d done him last year I must have just missed one of his testicles, and it had continued to grow, and turned him into a Ram, or at last an Inbetweener.

This has made him a little more feisty than the others, he was certainly a bit more of a handful, and I think quite a bit stronger.  He was also obviously taunting Muga quite a bit.  But the other thing which is interesting is the affect on his horns.  A rams horns are much bigger than those of a ewe or a whether (castrated male), because of all the testosterone he has.  With our inbetweener and his one ball, he has enough testosterone to start growing his horns.  It’s easy to spot him in this picture of all the boys I moved:

He’s the one on the right, who’s horns have started to curve back in.  In fact it makes him look a lot like the Borerays (this is one of the two whethers we have):

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