Lambs – are we done now?

I was expecting just one more ewe to lamb this year, the last of the Soays in the field with Muga.  This she duly did a couple of days ago, giving us another boy lamb.  Aha, thought I, our lambing season is at a close, with twenty four lambs all told.  A pretty good result all told, though we’ve had higher losses than ever before.

But it was not all over.  I went into the OAP field, and spotted that one of the Soay ewes seemed to have a singleton lamb.  Having just spotted one, I thought maybe she was on the other side of the fence, or that there was a hole?  No.  She was in fact a different ewe.  With our twenty-fifth lamb.  This of course makes me a little worried.  If she as pregnant, then perhaps there are others in that field?  Perhaps my not-quite-a-full-ram had been more successful than I thought.

This morning I caught both lambs to check them.  The one in with the OAPs was fast.  Very very fast, and it took my five minutes and a lot of running to catch him.  At least I dont have to do any other exercise today!

So (so far) we have twenty five lambs, fourteen boys, and eleven girls.

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