Found little piggy!

I don’t know where it went, but the seventh little piggy is back.  There were definitely only six there this morning, but just as clearly there were seven this evening!  I wonder with the peripatetic little porker perambulated?

Lost little piggy

Yesterday afternoon when we went out to feed the pigs I counted them all up.  All seemed fine, until I got to Gaffer’s little brood.  I counted several times, but only got to six.  We then walked all around her pen, and I checked the straw as well, but couldn’t find the seventh.  No idea where it’s got to.

It was still gone this morning, so I suspect it’s not coming back.  Maybe a fox got it?  Poor little piggy.


We have seven Cayuga ducks, and since the fox wiped out most of the chickens, they’ve had the poultry orchard more or less to themselves.  The remaining two chickens are stuck in the house with its run until the fencing is properly sorted out.  The ducks seem fairly happy with the world, though I wish they’d help me by eating the nettles.  Still, you can’t have everything.

They’ve been laying recently, but something has been getting to the eggs.  I suspect it’s crows.  They wait for the duck to be away from her nest and then swoop and steal the eggs.  I’ve found broken eggs out in the field, as well as quite a few in the orchard.  Still, now that the nettles are really starting to get big I think they’re hiding in them, and that’s probably putting the crows off.

We might get a set of ducklings appear at some point soon…