First Boreray Pure Bred Lamb

Yesterday evening one of our two Boreray ewes gave birth to a lamb.  I managed to get a couple of pictures of her with the newborn, but didn’t want to get too close as it was only minutes after the little one had popped out.  I’ll be checking it tomorrow morning, and then sorting out registering it as soon as possible!

RIP Duchess

When we acquired the Borerays we gained not only two breeding ewes and a ram, but also two whethers and an old ewe.  The old ewe we dubbed ‘Duchess’ and we both became fond of her.  She was a very friendly ewe, and would usually run up to us whenever she saw us, and happily eat out of our hands, the only one of the Borerays to consistently do so.

She was rather old, and over the last few days has had problems standing.  She was still eating fine, but was rather weak, and needed help to get up a couple of times.  This morning when I went out to feed the sheep I found her in her little hut.  She wasn’t moving at all any more.  I think she’d only just died.  Poor duchess, but at least she had a fair innings.

Goodbye Duchess


Snotty Sheep

We have a small flock of Borerary sheep, just six of them. We’ve only had them a few months but they are very curious if a little flighty. The eldest is a ewe we call The Duchess (she has a registered name, but we tend to ignore those..), and she is the most forward of all of them. She’ll always come to me and eat out of my hand, and I think has helped to persuade the others that I’m not all bad (though the ram, Haan, is still unhappy with me after I caught and sheared him a few weeks ago!).

For the last week or so Duchess has had a rather snotty nose. Other than this she’s not shown any sign of discomfort and still bleats at me imperiously to demand her food. Still, it’s pretty nasty, so this morning I decided I’d had enough. I caught her while she was eating out of my hand, and wiped her nose! It wasn’t the worst I’ve had to do by a long shot… I was a bit worried she’d now be wary of me, but when I let her go she backed off a few steps, and then came right back to me for some more food!

Hopefully I won’t have to do that again, and it’s not a sign of anything more serious!  I checked via google and generally it seems benign, but I’m going to continue to keep an eye on her.

She’s the ewe at the front, just leaning down to eat some of the feed I’d scattered.