Dramatis Personae

Humans (2):

  • Alex – my wonderful wife and fellow mad animal carer

Animal numbers in brackets as of 9th April.

Pigs (21):

  • Bernard and Hacker – two of our English Saddleback sows
  • Gaffer – another Saddleback sow who started off life in some difficulty and was saved by some gaffer tape…
  • Sir Humphrey – English Saddleback boar.  He is The Daddy!
  • Two weaners we’re fattening up…
  • 15 piglets, ten with Bernard and five with Hacker

Sheep (53+17):

  • Haan – Boreray ram, named after Hans Solo and a lovely South African shiraz
  • Muga – Soay ram, named after a lovely Rijoa.  Muga has performed his duty in sterling fashion for the last few years.
  • The OAPs – a set of older Soay sheep which now oddly contains three lambs, as well as just one ram and six ewes.  We took them in to stop them being put down as their old owners were moving house.
  • Mouton – one of our first two Soay ewes.  The most curious, and friendly, of the two.
  • Lafite – the other of our first two Soay ewes.  Always a bit more cautious than Mouton.
  • White Face – a prolific and intelligent Mule ewe.
  • Lamby – a formerly bottle fed black-faced Suffolk who came from next door (at some point was going to be called Storm I think)
  • One other black faced Suffolk, and three white faced ones
  • 17 x 2012 lambs

Goats (5):

  • Boris – female Angoran goat.  She’s deaf and is the flock queen.
  • Howard – castrated male rescue goat.  Doesn’t like children.
  • Ishy (Ishmael) – a white female pygmy goat.
  • Moby – a grey female pygmy goat.

Alpacas (2):

  • Algy – intact male Alpaca with dark brown fleece with white patches on his neck and face.  Algy is quite friendly and will eat from my hand on occasion.  He also likes the ewes…
  • Verdigris – intact male Alpaca with tan fleece.  The cautious one who will not get close by choice.

Poultry (32):

  • A sord of seven cayuga ducks
  • A peep of five chickens, including a single white cockerel
  • A peep of seventeen ex-battery hens
  • A gaggle of geese, two ganders and one goose

Cows (2):

  • Wrath – black Dexter cow.  Avarice’s mother.  Can jump six feet when required.
  • Avarice – brown short-legged Dexter cow.  Moos loudly when she’s hungry.

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  1. er – I know he is getting on a bit but Bertie is still alive…does he not deserve a mention?
    and your favourite sheep?
    and the fish – why are you always forgetting the fish?

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