This site is primarily about my writing, and will include some stories, details of successes and the occasional random musing.

I work in IT and hope that being surrounded by acronyms and bizarre meta-language will not prevent me from writing good stories.  In general I’m aiming to entertain, and slip in the occasional bit of subversion.  Sometimes I’m just writing for myself.

Reading has been a passion of mine since I was first shown a different world.  I started with Enid Blyton, but have moved on since then – notwithstanding that I’ll be sharing some of my favourites with my children.  I read a lot.  Mostly sci-fi, but I do vary the diet regularly.  I’m most taken with clever ideas, wit, and I do delight in beautiful prose, even if I never expect to produce my own.

I’m married to wonder-woman, have amazing twin girls, and two amazing little boys, a dog, two rabbits and some fish.  We used to have, in addition, a cat and a collection of farm animals about which I have previously written a blog.

I have also started writing a blog about AI topics, entitled AI Cassandra.

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