I have thus far released five books into the wild.  In reverse chronological order (of release):


5) My fifth book, Learning: The First Fifty: Stories from the Blog was published in August 2019.  It is a collection of all the stories which I had at that point published on this blog, in a handy container. I will try and make the kindle edition free whenever I remember. My intention was to provide an easy way for interested people to download these stories if they proved entertaining!

4) Attack of the Giant Purple Girls is a sci-fi story aimed at younger readers (around 11), which was started by my mother.  I finished the story off, and published it in May 2018.  I used CreateSpace again, and it is availble as a paperback or on kindle.

The artwork is all my mother’s (though I designed the cover).

3) My third book, and first novel, was published in July 2015.  It is an adventure set in space about the adventurous Captain Paul Hopson, known as Hopper to his friends.  It is in the style of Biggles, with perhaps a little EE ‘Doc’ Smith, and is called Hopper and the Fresians.  I used CreateSpace again, and it is available on kindle and as a paperback.


2) I self-published a book of short stories about 3D printing and virtual reality, entitled Post Scarcity Blues.  It was published using CreateSpace Publishing Platform (an Amazon company – now called Kindle publishing) on 1st September 2014, and is available from Amazon on kindle and as a paperback.  It might be available from some other booksellers in due course (if you ask I’m sure they’ll order it in).


1) I have been lucky enough to have a nonfiction book published.  It is the non-fiction Pigs, Poultry and Poo and was published by the lovely people at The Crowood Press in September 2012.  I’m sure they’ll be delighted to sell you a copy.  It is available both in paperback and electronic form.

Pigs, Poultry and Poo Cover

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